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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Aviva (AV.) - Buy

Aviva shares fell 13 per cent on the release of their full year figures on 7th March, knocking £1.4bn off the value of the company, the biggest sell-off for the stock in almost four years. It has been a tricky year for the UK’s second biggest insurer, it embarked on a major restructuring program and also lost its chief executive, Andrew Moss. The shares are now trading just above the level they were when he left in May 2012.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Netcall (NET) - Buy

Netcall is a small-cap, Alternative Investment Market (AIM) listed firm in the software and computer services sector that has a history of more than 20 years and has been listed since 1996. Netcall offers businesses with ‘customer engagement software’ which helps them to manage clients more productively. Services include call handling, call-back, smart automation, workforce management and data unification and business process management. It has four main segments Intelligent Contact Handling, Workforce Optimisation, Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management.

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