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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Southern Cross Healthcare

Write-up of Southern Cross Healthcare by Dan Tebbutt - A very interesting read highlighting the current problems and the prospect of a recovery. Read the full article.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Shareworld Homepage slow to load

If anyone experienced slow load times on our homepage today we apologise. We had a problem with a news feed from Yahoo that was slowing down the site - we have temporarily removed the feed until we can diagnose the exact problem.

Shareworld Number1 on Nibbler

1174 websites later and Shareworld is still number 1!

Independent Resources

Just published - Company profile for Independent Resources PLC.

Monday, 16 August 2010

De La Rue - Time to Invest?

Continuing a recent theme of my articles (see BP and Rok/Connaught), today I'm going to look at another company that has been beaten down by recent bad news: De La Rue... Read the full article on De La Rue.

Rok Group and Connaught Take a Hammering

Recently two building service firms have announced bad news and had their share prices hammered as a result. Rok Group and Connaught are now both trading on a P/E ratio of less than 3. But are they cheap? - Read the full article on Rok Group and Connaught.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Shareworld Makes use of Cloud Computing

We have started an experiment with Cloud Computing - partly to actually learn how it works, and partly to deliver our content to users faster.

We have signed up for Amazon simple storage - a cloud based storage location hosted by Amazon. We'll use this for storing all of our static content (images, flash etc).

And we've signed up for Amazon Cloudfront - A cloud based content delivery network - this works in conjunction with Amazon simple storage to deliver content to our website from the closest possible location to each visitor.
The idea behind this method of content delivery is that the Cloudfront caches content from Amazon simple storage at multiple server locations around the world (also known as Edge servers). When someone visits the website, the Cloudfront determines which Edge server is physically nearest to the visitors location, it then delivers content from the appropriate server - the theory behind this being that a server that is physically near to the visitor will download content at a much higher speed.

Furthermore, by downloading content from multiple locations, it can be delivered in parallel, thus further reducing download times.

Shareworld No1 on Nibbler:)

Shareworld is the number1 website on Nibbler today!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Shareworld battles for number1 spot on Nibbler

Shareworld is in a battle with and for the number 1 position over at Silktide's Nibbler - site scoring software.

Watch out - here we come!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Gulf Keystone Trading Ltd

Gulf Keystone Trading Ltd. (AIM: GKP), an AIM listed independent energy company whose goals are to explore, develop and produce oil and gas primarily in North Africa and the Middle East, has announced the beginning of exploration of Shaikan I in northwestern Kurdistan, Iraq. In addition, GKP has exploration rights to the Akri-Bijeel Block, adjacent to Shaikan I. These blocks join GKP's already producing fields at Hassan Ba Hamou, Algeria, as well as its northern Algerian production areas.

GKP has also announced that the first pre-packaged production units have arrived at at Shaikan I and this equipment, together with other oil tanks and a truck-loading facility, will form the long-term basis of a 10,000 barrel output per day (bopd) facility. This startup phase of production testing should last 18 to 24 months and will provide data on the reservoir in this area. This also represents the first testing of the Sargelu oil reservoir....
Read the full article