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Friday, 7 January 2011

Share price information and realtime news search

We now have a share price lookup tool available on Shareworld, it will accept both company names and ticker symbols and will return simple share information including last price, day high/low and trade volume.

The price information is pulled from Yahoo Finance using PHP, the main downside is that the data is several hours old.

In addition to price information, the tool will also search Yahoo News, Twitter and Interactive Investor Discussion Forums for information on the stock in question and will return real-time news and discussions for any particular stock.

Try it out here - Share price information and real-time news search.

Shareworld and Amazon

After discontinuing our Amazon advertising last year after several disputes, we have decided to give it another go.
If you visit Shareworld you will see we have added some banners on both the homepage and sub-pages, we are also working on an Amazon-hosted Bookstore.

We had issues in the past whereby Amazon were not paying us the correct commissions due to a disagreement of terms, hopefully this won't happen this time around - as apart from that, we think Amazon offer a great service and hopefully in turn we will be able to offer our visitors some great deals on some of the investment books amazon have to offer.