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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Capital Gains Tax (UK)

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax on profits. That is the profit, or gain, on the disposal of an asset. The gain is calculated from the disposal consideration less incidental costs of disposal and allowable costs and less the net proceeds. Incidental costs are valuation fees, estate agency and legal fees and advertising costs. Allowable costs include the original acquisition cost, incidental costs of acquiring the asset and capital expenditure incurred in enhancing the asset. -Read the full Guide on Shareworld here.

Telecom Plus (TEP) - Share Spotlight

Telecom Plus (TEP) Now that France's GDF Suez has put in an increased offer for the 30 per cent of International Power that it doesn't already own, there is one less UK-listed utility company. For customers looking for an alternative defensive stock this FTSE 250, £486m company could fit the bill. You might not have heard of Telecom Plus ~ it has no presence on the high-street, and it doesn't advertise itself. Although not strictly a utility company, it offers utility services through a network-marketing business model. Read the full story here.