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Friday, 6 August 2010

Shareworld Makes use of Cloud Computing

We have started an experiment with Cloud Computing - partly to actually learn how it works, and partly to deliver our content to users faster.

We have signed up for Amazon simple storage - a cloud based storage location hosted by Amazon. We'll use this for storing all of our static content (images, flash etc).

And we've signed up for Amazon Cloudfront - A cloud based content delivery network - this works in conjunction with Amazon simple storage to deliver content to our website from the closest possible location to each visitor.
The idea behind this method of content delivery is that the Cloudfront caches content from Amazon simple storage at multiple server locations around the world (also known as Edge servers). When someone visits the website, the Cloudfront determines which Edge server is physically nearest to the visitors location, it then delivers content from the appropriate server - the theory behind this being that a server that is physically near to the visitor will download content at a much higher speed.

Furthermore, by downloading content from multiple locations, it can be delivered in parallel, thus further reducing download times.

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