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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Capital Gains Tax (UK)

It has been fairly widely reported that there will be a change in CGT under the new coalition government. It seems likely that the rate will go up from the present 18% to equal the income tax rates. i.e. 20% & 40% (the new 50% top rate is not expected to apply). Therefore if your capital gains take you over the £37400 higher rate tax band you will be liable to 40% tax.
There is also speculation that the annual allowance of £10100 could be reduced to £1000 or £2000 (as originally suggested by the Liberals).
Strategies that have been suggested to help mitigate large CGT bills are:
Transfer assets between spouses to maximise exemptions.
Sell assets to connected person (maybe company or trust)
Top up SIPP
Use tax exempt vehicles like VCTs or IES.
Remember, though, don't let the Tax tail wag the investment dog!

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